Multi Function Dog Lead
Multi Function Dog Lead
Multi Function Dog Lead

Multi Function Dog Lead

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When it comes to taking the dog for a walk then a lead is is the main thing a dog lover needs. However there are also other things that can be forgotten about quite easily which is why we have created 1 lead with everything you need!

The all new PET-FIXX multipurpose lead incorporates not only the retractable reflective lead but also:

  1. Treat Bowl Dispenser
  2. Ultra Bright Led Torch
  3. Poop Bag Dispenser
  4. Water bowl

Now with this lead you have everything you need for a great walk!


  1. The lead with retract 4 metres in length
  2. The lead can be locked in at any desired length from the button
  3. The lead will self retract as the dog comes back closer 
  4. The lead comes supplied with batteries for the torch unit
  5. The lead features a water bowl 
  6. The lead features a treat dispenser
  7. The lead is reflective to help stand out at night
  8. The lead can hold poop bags in the base of the handle