Mobile Planter Unit

Mobile Planter Unit

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The SFIXX mobile planter unit has a deep planting area making it perfect for vegetable planting. The optional trellis also comes supplied making it perfect for climbing plants. The mobile planter features wheels on one side and a handle on the other to allow easy transportation.

The planter is self watering and holds 12 litres of water in the reservoir allowing maximum hydration to your plants perfect for tomatoes!

Manufactured from polypropylene the planter is UV resistant allowing use again year after year.



  1. Fully assembled the planter will stand 1.5m from the ground
  2. The planter will take roughly around 30L of compost to fill
  3. The planter will hold 12L of water in the reservoir self watering system
  4. The planter can easily moved around due to the wheels at the base.
  5. Manufactured from polypropylene the plastic is UV resistant.