S-BOND Xtreme, Squeezy Tube (80ml, White)

S-BOND Xtreme, Squeezy Tube (80ml, White)

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SBOND Squeezy has been developed from the ever-popular SBOND Advanced Hybrid Polymer Technology, however we have made this with the most viscous polymer we have ever created!

This means that SBOND Squeezy gives an extreme bond like no other!

An 80ml squeezy tube allows you use SBOND on the go and even take with you when travelling.

SBOND advanced hybrid polymer can be used for filling cracks in walls, sealing leaks and bonding materials, leaving a 100kg bonding force.

However its not called XTREME for nothing!

Let us explain! You see, its not possible to load a polymer of this viscosity into a pressure canister, as a tremendous amount of gas pressure would be needed to extrude the xtreme polymer, which would be so much that the canister would be like a ticking sealant bomb! Hence why the squeezy tube was created to allow the human hand to squeeze out the xtreme polymer.



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