S-BOND 290ml Cartridge (White)

S-BOND 290ml Cartridge (White)

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  • S-BOND stays permanently flexible.
  • Will Bond Up To 100kg in weight.
  • Can be used in the wet & even underwater.
  • Does not grow mould.
  • Does not require sanding.
  • Is VOC free (volatile organic compound).
  • Fits any standard caulking gun
  • Leaves a perfect bead of polymer every time.
  • Can be painted with any type of paint including water-based.
  • Bonds Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Glass, Ceramics, Marble, Granite, Copper, Most Plastics 

Combining the weathering properties of silicone with the adhesive properties of polyurethane created S-BOND hybrid technology. S-BOND 290ml cartridge can be used in any traditional mastic gun. Unlike a Polyurethane, that uses the evaporation process of solvent to cure, S-BOND cures by moisture that is made up in the air we breathe. This has many advantages in that S-BOND will not leech solvent and in fact, is guaranteed to never shrink or crack again unlike Polyurethane.

S-BOND White 290ml is perfect for:

  • Filling of cracks or holes leaving a repair that will not crack again.
  • Sealing bathroom appliances; showers baths, sinks, etc.
  • Bonding skirting boards, house number plaques, letterbox, tiles, mirror’s, asphalt roofing, towel rails, coat hooks and more.
  • Sealing leaking guttering
  • Sealing leaking fish ponds
  • Sealing swimming pools

Made In the UK


Do I need a mastic gun to use?

Yes the SFIXX caulking gun is required to use SBOND 290ml. (any other well made caulking gun will also work) Please note that SBOND is very vicious so a lower priced mastic gun is not advised.

Will S-Bond grow mould once I have sealed the shower/bath?
No S-Bond will stay white but is advised that you clean every so often as soap scum can build on the surface.

How much weight can I bond using S-Bond?
Once cured S-Bond will hold up to 100kg in weight.

Can I use S-Bond as a wall filler?
Yes, S-Bond is great as a filler as it always stays flexible meaning it will not crack again unlike a decorators caulk.

Can I use S-Bond in the wet?
Yes, S-Bond can be used in the wet or even underwater.

Is S-Bond the same as silicone or polyurethane?
No, S-Bond is actually a mix of the both and what is called a hybrid polymer. It has all the weathering properties of silicone but also the adhesive properties of polyurethane allowing it to be used as an adhesive and sealer.

Where is S-Bond manufactured?
S-Bond is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Will the nozzle harden after one use & can I use it again?
All adhesive/sealant based products will dry out over time however S-Bond will not dry out half as fast as a solvent-based product. It is important after use that you leave around 1cm protruding from the end of the nozzle so that it can be removed up to 3 months later from opening to use again.

Is S-Bond safe to use?
Yes, S-Bond has extremely low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound)  meaning there are such a low level of solvents in S-Bond it is extremely safe to use.

Can I use S-Bond to bond heavy items to a wall?
Yes, S-Bond can be used for this application, however, if the item you wish to affix is heavy and has a poor contact surface area it is advised that either a mechanic fixing or heavy-duty tape is used to hold the item in place whilst curing takes effect.

How long does it take for S-Bond to Cure?
Curing will take approximately 24hrs per 1.5mm bead.

Can I paint over S-Bond when cured?
Yes, you can paint over S-Bond with any type of paint including water-based.

Can I sand S-Bond?
No, S-Bond cannot be sanded. As a filler sanding is not necessary as S-Bond can be spread perfectly smooth with a spreading card.




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