BLACK-OUT (1 Litre)
BLACK-OUT (1 Litre)
BLACK-OUT (1 Litre)
BLACK-OUT (1 Litre)
BLACK-OUT (1 Litre)
BLACK-OUT (1 Litre)
BLACK-OUT (1 Litre)

BLACK-OUT (1 Litre)

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Blackout is our revolutionary 3 in 1 satin black paint that contains a built in rust converter & primer. Blackout is a water-based low VOC paint that can be applied onto Steel, Wood, Aluminium, Plastics, Copper, Carbon Fibre, Ceramics, Stone, Brick, Glass and more!

The built in rust converter means Blackout can be painted over any rusted metals as in converts the rust to polymer, primes and then paints in just once coat. Once applied Blackout is touch dry in just 30 minutes with full cure time taking around 3 hours.

Blackout can also withstand temperatures of -40c to +250c making it perfect for refurnishing Chiminea's or BBQ's!

 Garden Furniture Restoration
Vehicle Restoration
Hanging Basket Brackets
Weathered Planters or Pots
Tool Restoration
Downpipes & Guttering
Caravan & Motorhome
and more.......

Q: How Long Does Blackout Take To Dry? A: Blackout is touch dry in just 30mins with full cure taking around 3 hours 
Q: How so you apply Blackout paint? A: Blackout can be applied by either brush or roller
Q: Does Blackout have a strong odour? A: No Blackout has very little odour due to the low content of VOC's present.
Q: How long does Blackout last once opened? A: Blackout will last around 2 years once opened. Please however store in a cool dry environment where possible.
Q: Do I need to prepare the area before painting? A: You must remove any large loose particles of rust and make sure the area is clean of oil/grease or dirt.
Q: Can I paint over rust? A: Yes blackout can be painted over rust to treat it, prime and paint it.
Q: How many coats are required? A: Normally just one coat is required to do the job however if you feel another is necessary, a second coat can be applied after the the first coat is fully cured.
Q: Where is Blackout made? A: Blackout is manufactured in the UK
Q: Will blackout peel or flake over time?

A: No Blackout remains permanently flexible

Q: What size tin does Blackout come in?

A: Blackout comes in a 1 litre tin only

Q: What coverage do you get from one tin?

A: Blackout will cover approximately 2 square metres per litre.

Q: How do you clean the brush after use? A: The brush can be washed clean with fresh water and a little detergent. 



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