About Us

SFIXX was founded with a simple idea in mind: Offering problem solving solutions for all.

In 2010 our very first product was designed, created and slowly became available in the marketplace. We called it SFIXX APX4 (Advanced Powders x4)  APX4 was ground breaking, in that we had an adhesive system that could go from its un-cured, to fully cured state, in just 7 seconds. Quickly we started seeing demand for APX4 from automotive suppliers, DIY and the TV shopping network. In a fast paced modern world we soon realised that APX4 was becoming a game changer. You could now complete repairs in seconds, not hours! 

The success of our first product then allowed us to put our full thoughts and attention into other areas which we believe could be improved or created. This mind set and focus allowed us at SFIXX to explore methods of producing environmentally VOC free, safe chemical products, whilst never loosing sight of making sure we deliver a product that performs.

10 years later SFIXX have become a key manufacturer within the Sealants, Adhesives, Cleaning & Gardening industry. Becoming a key supplier to the QVC TV Shopping network has always been one of our proudest acheivments and still to this day we endeavour to continue to push for market leading quality & price.

QVC UK Live Performance