APX4, Ultra Strength Adhesive & Reinforcing Filling Powders
APX4, Ultra Strength Adhesive & Reinforcing Filling Powders
APX4, Ultra Strength Adhesive & Reinforcing Filling Powders
APX4, Ultra Strength Adhesive & Reinforcing Filling Powders
APX4, Ultra Strength Adhesive & Reinforcing Filling Powders
APX4, Ultra Strength Adhesive & Reinforcing Filling Powders
APX4, Ultra Strength Adhesive & Reinforcing Filling Powders

APX4, Ultra Strength Adhesive & Reinforcing Filling Powders

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Introducing APX4 - a dynamic duo designed to tackle a wide range of bonding and filling needs with precision and strength. APX4 is a fast-bonding adhesive that forms a powerful and durable bond on various surfaces, while our Filling Powders complement it by providing a versatile solution for repairing, filling, and reinforcing materials.

APX4 is a high-performance adhesive crafted for quick and reliable bonding. With an ultra-fast curing time of just 7 seconds, this glue creates a strong and resilient bond between surfaces, ensuring a secure and long-lasting connection. Its versatility extends to various materials, including plastics, metals, ceramics, and more, making it an essential tool for both household repairs and professional projects.

Paired with our adhesive, our Filling Powders take versatility to the next level. These powders are specially formulated to work seamlessly with the adhesive, allowing you to fill gaps, cracks, and imperfections in a wide range of materials. Whether you're repairing broken ceramics, reinforcing wooden structures, or filling gaps in metal surfaces, our filling powders provide a robust and smooth finish.

The application is simple and effective. Apply our adhesive to the surfaces you want to bond, sprinkle the compatible Filling Powder over the adhesive, and watch as it creates a reinforced and seamless bond. The combination of our adhesive and Filling Powders not only enhances the strength of your repairs but also ensures a clean and professional finish.

These products are ideal for DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen, and anyone looking for a reliable solution for quick and effective bonding and filling tasks. Whether you're fixing household items, working on creative projects, or handling professional repairs, our Adhesive and Filling Powders are the perfect companions to achieve strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing results. Upgrade your bonding and filling experience with our powerful and versatile duo today.

  • Fastest Curing 2-part component adhesive in the world.
  • Use as an adhesive or as a filler.
  • Cures In Just 7 Seconds.
  • Can Be Sanded, Drilled, Filed & Painted.
  • Repairs Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Ceramics & Most Plastics.
  • Heat resistant up to +180c.





How does S-Fixx Adhesive & Power Work?
It works by using an extremely high concentration of cyanoacrylate (super glue) which reacts to the filling powder which causes the powder to bond together leaving a rock-solid mass.

How long does it take to cure?
It takes just 7 seconds for the full cure to take place.

What materials can it be used on?
Steel, Wood, Aluminum, Plastics, Copper, Rubber, Carbon Fiber.

Can I sand it down?
Yes, you can sand, file or even use an angle grinder to smooth down.

Can I drill or tap it?
Yes, you can drill or tap in just 7 seconds from curing.

Where would I use it?
Plastic clips, Car bumper, Fridge Shelves, Vacuum Cleaners, Alloy Crank Casings, Car Radiators, Toys, Printers, Laptops, Ceramics and much more.

Can I use an adhesive with the filling powders?
No, you must use the S-Fixx adhesive with the powders as traditional superglues have a gel effect, which means they will not penetrate the powders properly and will not leave the repair, desired.

What if I get the adhesive on my skin?
If you do by accident get the adhesive on your skin it is advised you bath the area in warm water or also try acetone to bring it off. If the adhesive goes in the eyes then you should seek medical attention.

How do I fill a hole when the powder just falls through?
Simply tape over the back with some tape and then fill. Once cured you can peel off the tape from the reverse side.

Can you paint over the S-Fixx repair?
Yes, you can paint over it with any type of paint.

What temperatures can S-Fixx withstand?
S-Fixx can withstand temperatures up to 180c.








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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Ordered from these all the time. Their glue is hands down best I’ve ever used. They ship it quickly too

Robert Michael Beaumont
Brilliant...just brilliant

Used for various gluing and filling holes which then needed drilling and fixings installed. Absolutely does the job. If you're going to fill deep holes then you need to do it in layers. It hardened rapidly and resulted in super strong anchor. So many things like this don't fulfill their promises but this does. Just wish there were some more filling powder colour options and in larger quantities. Top top marks, Rob