Fill'N'Fixx - Micro Sphere Filler (Twin Pack)
Fill'N'Fixx - Micro Sphere Filler (Twin Pack)

Fill'N'Fixx - Micro Sphere Filler (Twin Pack)

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Cracks & holes are inevitable in homes but repairing them so they do not come back again has not always been so easy, until now.

Traditional wall fillers tend to be chalk based so although they sand well and fill the gap, they tend to shrink or crack again over time. Fill 'n' Fixx is a revolutionary formula that uses micro sphere technology. Hundreds of thousands of micro spheres all knit together upon curing leaving a compact robust repair. Fill 'n' Fixx can then be sanded down smooth if required and then painted over with any type of paint (including water-based) 

Fill 'n' Fixx is perfect for repairing walls, hair line cracks, render, stair case cracks, holes and more...


Q: How does it work? A: Fill 'n' Fixx uses micro sphere technology.
Q: How quickly does it cure? A: Cure time is roughly around 4 hours.
Q: Can you paint over it? A: Yes Fill 'n' Fixx can be painted over with any type of paint.
Q: What size is the tube? A: The tube is 80ml
Q: Will it crack again? A: No Fill 'n' Fixx is guaranteed to never shrink or crack.
Q: Should I wear protective gloves? A: No gloves are required. If on skin simply wash away with soap & water.
Q: How deep can I layer it? A: You can layer Fill 'n' Fixx around 1cm deep.